Genoa Indian School Digital Reconciliation Project

Our Mission

To contribute to reconciliation and healing by making the history of the Genoa Indian Boarding School more accessible to the families of those who attended, providing learning resources, and raising public awareness about Indian boarding schools.

Our Goals

The project is mindful that greater access to boarding school records may have both positive and negative outcomes. It may help families recover their histories, promote more scholarship on boarding schools, generate a more complete history of the boarding school system, and cultivate public dialogue. At the same time, for families and tribal communities, boarding school records may bring up painful memories.  Thus we approach our work with careful deliberation and attention to the ethical dimensions of the project by:

  • Working with a Council of Community Advisors from American Indian nations to establish ethical protocols for how to responsibly present Genoa school records online.
  • Using a software system that enables Indigenous communities to regain and retain control over records related to their history.
  • Gathering and digitizing government records, photographs, oral histories, 3-D objects, and other historical sources from National Archives repositories, state historical societies, private organizations and individuals, and tribal communities to provide a broader, more diverse portrait of the history of the Genoa Indian Boarding School.